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Taking Your Privacy Seriously and it’s associated network (Youtube ‘helprelievepain’, Facebook ‘helprelievepain’ and Pinterest ‘helprelievepain’) recognizes the importance of protecting your information.

We regularly ensure that we comply fully with the European Commission’s GDPR guidelines in the safe and transparent handling of any data collected for you or your use of our services.

Any references to ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ throughout the terms of use here stated refer to the helprelievepain network, as owned by rowdy media ltd.

Except where explicitly stated, this policy applies to all parts of the helprelievepain network, of which our website, is a significant part. All of our privacy policy applies to all consumer-facing resources intended for non-commercial, personal or family use.

This includes all mobile-optimised versions and any mobile device applications or ‘apps’ as developed in the future. If you do not wish any basic information to be collected about you, to use it or disclose it to respected partners (such as facebook, youtube or google), then you should not use our services.

By using helprelievepain you accept the terms of use, which is a contract between you and rowdy media ltd, owner of and it’s associated helprelievepain network. You also confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy and our cookie policy and that you acknowledge that we can process your information as outlined.

Information Collected About You

In order to improve the relevance of our services and will retain non-specific information on how our users interact with our site, which services are popular and use cookies to help inform advertisers. This includes 3rd party services such as google analytics or facebook demographic data.

Online Quizzes

On some of our pages, we will ask for specific user participation in user polls. These will be basic questions around the specific treatment or condition discussed on that page or in that video. In such circumstances, we will only retain and share the answers with other readers. No other information will be retained.

Newsletter Sign-ups/ competitions

Should you decide to enter your details as part of a competition or to receive a newsletter or other incentive, then the information you supply to us will be kept strictly for the purposes of sending you correspondence which may contain a newsletter. Your information will only be retained for purposes relevant to helprelievepain and will never be sold to anyone else. All correspondence will be accompanied by the option to unsubscribe, whereupon your information will be removed from our database.


From time to time, if you have previously agreed to receive messages from the helprelievepain network, you may receive a treatment or symptom questionnaire. Should you choose to answer the questions included, the information supplied may be used by the helprelievepain network for the publishing of anonymous results. In such circumstances, ‘helprelievepain’ may hold your response for scientific verification if requested, but will never publish your personal data or connection to any result. All questionnaire’s sent out will either be to improve specific services from us or to conduct unbiased research into our members usage of a particular medical treatment or experience with a disease/ condition.

Facebook Groups

If you join our facebook group, you consent to being contacted via private message if it is specifically relevant to the purposes of the group or to the helprelievepain network. This information however, will not be shared with anyone outside of rowdy media ltd, except where facebook as the forum provider collects it’s own information (covered under facebook’s terms and conditions). As a member, you agree to an administrator on behalf of helprelievepain administrating on behalf of the group and to all relevant facebook terms and conditions as well as the group’s code of conduct policy, which will be displayed to the group.


If you agree to receive notifications from us, then you will receive notifications when new content, special offers

Affiliate Networks

The helprelievepain supply large amounts of researched information. Should you read one of our product reviews and decide to make a purchase by clicking a link from our site to a selling site, then helprelievepain will receive a small commission. This will not affect the selling price. We may retain purchase history information as shared under the sellers T&C’s, but only for a maximum of 12 months, whereupon such purchase information will be deleted.

How We Use Your Information

Any information you supply to us may be used for the following specific reasons in line with GDPR guidelines –

  • Sending relevant messages to you about newly published or recently altered reports that may be of interest
  • Obtaining feedback on recently published reports
  • Requesting new areas of pain relief/ treatments that you might be interested in learning more about
  • Sharing specific offers from trading partners such as discounts on promoted affiliate products
  • Learning which pages/ videos are the most popular so we can make more of that particular type
  • Detecting any shortfalls in the current information provided
  • Conducting on the spot anonymous clinical polls
  • Collecting more detailed information via e-mail to form partial clinical studies in to the actual usage or results from using different treatments.
  • Advertising parties may use cookies to establish your recent history and display the most relevant ads on our site. At present we are looking in to displaying google adsense, but if this changes, notice will be given in this privacy notice.

Sharing Your Information

Helprelievepain may share your information with companies under the rowdy media brand, but only where it is felt there is a clear crossover of interest. We may also transfer your information as a member of helprelievepain in the event that helprelievepain is sold to another party. In this event, due notice will be given and a clear opportunity to opt out provided.
Helprelievepain will not share any information with 3rd parties except where it is specifically collected by them under their terms and conditions (google, facebook, youtube). In such circumstances, you would have already agreed to their T&C’s before being able to access our network on their platform.

How Your Information Is Stored

All of your personal responses to clinical questions will be stored on an external hard-drive with the password and an up to date firewall to ensure maximum security.

The rest of your data will either be anonymous or stored by 3rd parties (google adsense/ facebook/ pinterest/ youtube) under their own data security.

Helprelievepain endeavour to keep all stored data to an absolute minimum and only retain personal information while you are a signed up member of our network.

All data is deleted within one month of you unsubscribing to our services.

Your Rights And Choices

Should you become a member of, you have the right to unsubscribe at any time. This can be done by either e-mailing [email protected] or replying to one of our e-mails with the words ‘unsubscribe’ written in the title or the 1st line. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and then all data on you or your preferences will be deleted within 90 days from our database.

You have the right to request:
  • Access to the personal data we hold about you, free of charge
  • The correction of your personal data when incorrect, out of date or incomplete
  • The erasure of your personal data when you object and we have no legitimate overriding interest, or once the purpose for which we hold the data has come to an end
  • That we stop using your personal data for direct marketing (either through specific channels, or all channels)
  • That we stop any consent-based processing of your personal data after you withdraw that consent


A cookie is a small file placed on your computers hard-drive to recognise your computer as it uses our services. Principally we use cookies to see which pages you read, so we can work out the types of clinical investigation that are of most interest (such as early symptoms or natural treatments)

Helprelievepain also uses well established global partners (we are hoping to use google) to provide small, relevant ads on our website. As with most sites, they use cookies to track adverts and provide the most relevant content. Our affiliate offers will also contain links with cookies in them to track your path from our site to theirs. Cookies are used by most major online companies in the world. You will however always have control over your ad preferences and can always opt to reject cookies should you wish to.

Contacting HelpRelievePain About Your Personal Information Or Privacy.

In line with the European Commission’s GDPR guidelines, you can request to see what (if any) information we hold about you, ask any questions especially around data protection or request to have any information on you deleted by emailing our main author direct at [email protected] or by using the contact us page.
Alternatively, you can contact our office at
30 Thurston Park
The United Kingdom

Tel – 0800 634 9895

Changes To This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy and any of our services at any time, should it be required by law or for the betterment of the Helprelievepain network. In the event of any significant changes, we will notify all users for a period of one month through a notice on here and also on the footer of our website. By continuing to use our services beyond this period of notice you agree to our new terms and conditions.

This page has been made deliberately specific and detailed to comply with the new GDPR rules. We do not foresee any issue with any of it’s contents. If you do object however please either contact us through the relevant page or stop using the helprelievepain network and do not join any of our support groups or as a member.

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