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Our mission, besides increasing the scientific research around certain pain treatments, is to help you achieve better control of your pain. As a result, we are always looking for new ideas for articles/ readers questions that are helpful/ relevant for you.

You can also contact myself (Michael) as the main author and pain specialist behind the site. This is not an online diagnosis service though. I warn repeatedly against these because it is impossible to make a fair diagnosis without meeting you face to face and physically observing your symptoms. 

What I can do is answer factual questions such as “could stiff fingers for the first hour in the morning be a sign of arthritis?” 

I can offer help by informing you that such a symptom is a key sign of rheumatoid arthritis – but I couldn’t fairly diagnose Rheumatoid Arthritis as you’d need a physical examination, blood tests and possibly scans to confirm the diagnosis.  

Other examples might include “Could caffeine make my back pain worse?”. These then form the basis of future investigations.

Please feel free to contact us with anything you want to ask.