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So Much Of Pain Management Theory Suffers From A Lack Of Evidence

In today’s world, there are many different methods of pain relief – and many of them have never really been conclusively tested. As a result, doctors and academics still argue about the effectiveness of each one. began with a dream to provide practical support and advice for millions. One way that we can improve the lives of you and everyone that suffers with pain, is to carry out our own clinical surveys.

When you wade through the few clinical trials surrounding various areas of pain control, you’ll see studies with 30-100 patients and a conclusion that no worthwhile statement could be drawn from such a small grouping.

As we reach 10,000 members and then 100,000 members, our studies and member researach could carry real authority and ultimately do what we set out to do – make a difference for pain sufferers like you. 

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You Are Not Alone…. began with a dream to replicate the support that you could get by attending pain management meetings…but in the comfort of your own home. We dont believe in public forums and all the ‘trolling/bullying’ that can take place so we have a strictly private forum – one that we can remove anyone from that breaks our code of conduct. 

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When we send out short surveys (normally on different pain control methods), we offer a special related prize to encourage a good response.

We also pay for more detailed feedback if you are invited to take part in one of our online review panels.

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Whether it is back pain, rheumatoid arthritis or all types of pain relief – If you tell what you suffer with (or are interested in), we’ll only send you notifications that will be relevant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for asking – there are 5 basic ways that we may seek to use any information you have supplied –

1. We may use information on the type of pain you suffer with to send out relevant e-mails when new studies or articles become available that we think you might be interested in.

2. We may also send out relevant clinical surveys asking for your participation – some of which will carry entry into a prize draw as an incentive. You will also be notified of the winner(s) by email should you fill out the survey (and therefore enter the draw).

3. From time to time, we will send out requests for more detailed clinical review panels, asking specifically for people that have tried a particular treatment to log in to the site or via skype and share their experience. We may well offer paid compensation for your time for these longer studies.

4. We will send out notifications when new articles or videos are released or news bulletins around new pain relief updates.

5. Finally, where relevant, we may update you with new offers or services that we (or our partners) are looking to provide.

At all times however, we will ensure any data collected is secured and fully GDPR compliant at all times. 

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