Authors Bio - Michael Chalk

The Founder And Principle Writer Behind The 'Help Relieve Pain' Brand

Mr Michael Chalk

Somewhat unusually I actually began my formal working career working as a consultant for a large pharmaceutical firm, advising and presenting on the clinical effectiveness of various drugs under patent and in their future pipeline.

After 6 years I took up a post in a hospital in the UK, analysing the effectiveness of various surgeries and helping to advise doctors in primary care about who should be referred for surgery, when they should be referred and who could be better cared for with alternative care.

After this I took up a short consultancy with another hospital looking at a combination of theatre efficiency and pain reduction during recovery in patients.

In 2014 I then took up a post in a newly built hospital introducing new services, improving pain management to achieve faster rehabilitation. I also spent considerable time looking at improved care pathways and started speaking regularly at various pain management meetings in the community.

After deciding that my true calling was to help build better knowledge of all the pain relief options available through the internet, I had little choice. I left my previous post to build this website, our youtube channel and various multi-media outlets, and have taken on full responsibility for delivering the highest quality information to you.