- About Us -

Establishing The Type Of Advice That Can Really Help - The HelpRelievePain Difference.....

“HelpRelievePain.com exists to help explain all your options for pain management – both those that our members find to be effective and those that they don’t.” 

The HelpRelievePain Difference…

HelpRelievePain has 3 key aims –

  • To research and present information on new forms of treatment
  • To provide more specific advice than the generic ‘eat well, exercise more and don’t smoke’ that some other sites offer
  • To provide a forum to share everybodies pain relief/ treatment ‘tips’ with other sufferers 

We’ve set up this site based loosely on the agenda of pain management meetings, to offer you the widest understanding and range of options for controlling your pain.

  • We start by trying to provide the most thorough, independent review of each disease area, without the clinical jargon – to help you understand exactly what you are up against and any areas that might not be explained to you in the 10 minute consultation with a doctor.
  • Then we look at the various options available to you to a) control or (if possible) cure the disease and b) help you to relieve the pain caused by it.

In the near future, we will be opening up various disease areas to our members to share their views on the most effective treatments.

This may be via short clinical surveys or paid online feedback (either individual videos or skype groups). As soon as we have enough members in each of the main disease areas, we will start pulling together review panels.

We will pay for a lot of the reviews because it will mean we can…. 

a) Ask for proof that the person actually uses the technique in question (no-one is likely to be willing to supply proof if it’s just a free questionnaire and the internet is full of reviews from people who don’t actually have the item they are reviewing).

b) Ask for more in-depth feedback that will enable us to offer better information to help you.

These review panels should provide further great value – knowing that any recommended treatment has both science and the independent support of 1000’s of fellow sufferers behind it.

I have also tried to involve the views some of the many pain sufferers that I have had the privilege to come in to contact with. 

As you will hopefully notice the purpose of this site however is NEVER to offer any form of diagnosis, but to assist you in choosing the most likely options for controlling your pain going forward.

I can not emphasize enough, no diagnosis of any condition should ever be carried out online.

There are many factors that can ONLY be taken in through a physical and visual diagnosis, not to mention many small tell-tale symptoms that you many not even realise you have.

I would seriously advise against trusting any website that tries to diagnose you online.

Monetization –
Our ambition is ultimately to become the largest pain management support community online. To do this, we need in-depth and paid feedback/ advice.
As a result, we will most likely become an affiliate site at some point in the future and may engage in paid advertising (as all of the big medical websites do).
If we do, we will declare any affiliate links openly to everyone as we believe our integrity is vital and the honesty to accept that if we are going to pay members to help with parts of the site, at some point that income needs to come from somewhere.