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Plotting A Path To Pain Relief

From The Founder….

Welcome To, the site for specialist advice on relieving all types of pain.

Our purpose is to provide the most comprehensive, accurate information around common sources of pain and then provide the most independent, evaluative commentary on the widest number of potential treatments.

The HelpRelievePain Difference

The difference with helprelievepain is that we want to move away from the ‘over-generalization’ of many health sites.

This means not just listing ‘exercise’, ‘drink more water’ and ‘diet change’ as treatments – but actually specifying what type of exercise, how much water and exactly which foods will help.

Reducing The Need For Drugs

Having worked in hospitals in the UK for 12 years, I have also personally formed the opinion that globally we rely too heavily on new drugs for all forms of pain relief.

And while drugs rightly have a strong place in pain relief, this should not be at the expense of all other methods of pain relief.

This site will aim to explain the disease, how to control it and all the options that exist (set in a proper context) to help you relieve the pain. 

Expanding Knowledge Of Other Alternatives

Pleasingly, there are some examples, such as the use of TENS machines, where non chemical pain relief is now widely recommended by family doctors.

However, there are still many more examples for which very little data exists, either to support their use or reject it.

Through my research and the polls to members, I will seek to enhance this knowledge and pioneer new, effective forms of pain relief.

Yours sincerely, Michael (see bio)

A joke about miracle doctors

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All Our Articles Are Written And Researched By Pain Management Specialists That Attend Actual Pain Management Meetings With Other Pain Sufferers. Many Of The Best Tips/ Advice Come From These Interactions.

The 3 Key Differences With HelpRelievePain.....

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  • Pain Relief Myths/ Tips Researched And Reviewed
  • Community-Wide Polls To Shared Experience
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Our Mission To Form The Largest Private Support Group For Pain Sufferers Online And Use This To Further Research In To Vital Areas Of Pain Management That Currently Attract Little Or No Funding, At The Same Time Providing The Results To Help Our Members Relieve Their Pain Faster And More Effectively….